Captain's Fury

Captain s Fury After two years of bitter conflict with the hordes of invading Canim Tavi of Calderon now Captain of the First Aleran Legion realizes that a peril far greater than the Canim exists the mysterious t

  • Title: Captain's Fury
  • Author: Jim Butcher Kate Reading
  • ISBN: 9781101194577
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Audiobook
  • After two years of bitter conflict with the hordes of invading Canim, Tavi of Calderon, now Captain of the First Aleran Legion, realizes that a peril far greater than the Canim exists the mysterious threat that drove the savage Canim to flee their homeland Now, Tavi must find a way to overcome the centuries old animosities between Aleran and Cane if an alliance is to be fAfter two years of bitter conflict with the hordes of invading Canim, Tavi of Calderon, now Captain of the First Aleran Legion, realizes that a peril far greater than the Canim exists the mysterious threat that drove the savage Canim to flee their homeland Now, Tavi must find a way to overcome the centuries old animosities between Aleran and Cane if an alliance is to be forged against their mutual enemy And he must lead his legion in defiance of the law, against friend and foe or no one will have a chance of survivalAn unabridged recording in 16 parts 19 hours, 34 minutes.

    Captain s Fury Captain s Fury Codex Alera, by Jim Butcher Captain s Fury Codex Alera, . Rating details , Ratings , Reviews After two years of bitter conflict with the hordes of invading Canim, Tavi of Calderon, now Captain of the First Aleran Legion, realizes that a peril far greater than the Canim exists the mysterious threat that drove the savage Canim to flee their homeland. Captain Fury Captain s Fury Codex Alera, Book Captain s Fury Codex Alera, Book and millions of other books are available for instant access view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Captain s Fury Jim Butcher Captain s Fury Now, Tavi must find a way to overcome the centuries old animosities between Aleran and Cane if an alliance is to be forged against their mutual enemy And he must lead his legion in defiance of the law, against friend and foe before the hammerstroke of the Vord descends on them all Released in hardcover from Ace publishing, December . How Does Nick Fury New Pager Work In Captain Marvel Her debut film Captain Marvel, out now, only continues to add evidence to that theory, but it also finally decodes the mystery of how Nick Fury got Captain Marvel s pager in the first place

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      Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.Jim goes by the moniker Longshot in a number of online locales He came by this name in the early 1990 s when he decided he would become a published author Usually only 3 in 1000 who make such an attempt actually manage to become published of those, only 1 in 10 make enough money to call it a living The sale of a second series was the breakthrough that let him beat the long odds against attaining a career as a novelist.All the same, he refuses to change his nickname.


    1. My least favorite, so far.I love to read about Tavi and his immediate circle of friends - Kitai, Max, Ehren, Crassus, Marcus. I love to read about what political hijinks Lord & Lady Aquitaine are up to, and what Lady Aria Placida, Issana & Araris are doing to try to help stop them. And I love to read about Fidelias and his struggle to play both sides against each other. But Bernard and Amara are just as dull as dishwater.I mean, I like them, but I tend to zone out a tad when reading abou [...]

    2. This installment picks up right where the previous one left, so expect some minor spoilers that I will try to minimize. The rebellion of a High Lord still goes on; the invading force is still present in Alera. Tavi and other regulars of the series are still where they were left in the end of book 3. The High Lord of Alera decided that enough is enough and it is time to abandon the diplomacy and show people his raw power. What is the problem with this? It left Tavi to deal with diplomacy and resu [...]

    3. [4 stars] Academ’s Fury and Cursor’s Fury were two of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read – I loved the snot out of them. They took me on a whirlwind of a ride and so, by comparison, Captain’s Fury was a slower burn, more on par with the first book (although the events that happened within this one still rocked my world). It seemed more like a set up novel for the last couple books in the series and it did a great job generating some momentum. I can’t wait to finish this series – [...]

    4. The series has definitely gotten better each book. I'm glad I stuck with it. The less whiny Tavi gets the better.

    5. To me, this book has been the most fun in the series so far, which is great! I read this as part of the #Rainbowthon and I found myself managing to get through this is just 2 days, very exciting.This is set in a world where magic is the norm and everyone has at least one weak Fury (kind of a magic spirit). If you are very proficient with the Fury or Furies that you control and use then it's more likely that you're a noble or someone who has a position of power, although some keep the true extent [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Another excellent installment in what has turned out to be an above-average epic fantasy series. The description of the book tells enough about the story that I won't re-hash the plot and will simply point out a few things I like about the story. The progression of Tavi from young, naive, fury-less Country boy to a veteran, capable, fury-full (is that a word) Captain of the Aleran forces has been thoughful, understandable and well done. I also find myself really liking the characters [...]

    7. Butcher crafts a compelling fantasy. These are some of the first books in years that have given me chills during some of the more stirring scenes. Can't recommend the series enough. Hail Octavian!

    8. Perfection! 5 Every book has gotten better for me and I loved them from the beginning. Instead of a book of theories and questions it was an entire book of ANSWERS! The battle scenes were more condensed and that left more room for personal storylines. LOVE this series!

    9. Executive Summary: While this one didn't live up to my memory of it, it's still a really fun read with a lot to like.Audio book: At this point, I'm used to Kate Reading as a reader and can't imagine anyone else doing it.Full ReviewI originally maintained my 5 star rating after finishing my reread, but I think if I'm honest and rate it how I would if I were reading it for the first time, it would be a solid 4 star. This book starts and ends really well, but slows down in the middle some. Like the [...]

    10. Another solid addition to this series. I've been partially listening to these books, and now there is one person ahead of me in line from the library for the audiobook of book 5. Sad.Also, I very much appreciate that the audiobooks are narrated by a woman. In my experience, that only tends so happen when the protagonist is female, and in this case, it is not.Edit: I've wanted to start mentioning it when fantasy authors address periods, especially male authors. Jim Butcher both acknowledged cramp [...]

    11. Tavi still overcomes by depending on his wits and forming strong friendships. A good read, especially aboard the Slive with Captain Demos, and in Alera Imperia with Ambassador Vaug. Cool dueling scene at the end. Tavi learns a few things about himself, and the cause of his inhibited fury-crafting abilities. Major problem with the characterization of Fidelius. Early in book 1, Gaius told Amara that he suspected FIDELIUS. He knew Fidelius incapable of truly understanding loyalty. He saw portents o [...]

    12. Another fun, quick read, although a bit predictable. The main character, Tavi, matures further & is slowly coming into his own, which is neat. The interactions with the Camin are interesting - different cultures meeting & clashing. It's nice to see that the 'good' guys aren't always perfect & often, no matter what they do, their options are limited so that they can seem pretty bad. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book.

    13. This is the 4th book in this series by Jim Butcher. Just like with the 3rd one, I loved the ending. I can't imagine where the next one will go. Certain info was being constantly revealed as the story progressed. I loved that part. There were actually many things I liked about this one. The story line unfolded at a fair clip. There was plenty of action and as always, this author does amazing world building. The characters were also given time to shine as they continued to progress, especially Tav [...]

    14. The continuing adventures of Tavi and the rest of the crew. If you are a fan of the series, you know what to expect. The characters get into loads of impossible scrapes, only to somehow pull themselves through.I've noticed a disturbing trend in this series since the second book--I spend the first quarter to third of the book trying to remember who all the characters are, and where the assorted story lines were going. I spend the next third or so thinking "I love Butcher's novels, but I'm not sur [...]

    15. An exciting series that gets better with every book. Tavi has grown so much within these 4 books, discovering some very important things about himself. Most of what he learns has in one way or another been hinted at in previous books, so I don’t really think the discoveries came as much of a surprise. Anticipating when these things would be revealed was still exciting though.Enemies are far more faithful than friends…more dependable than allies. Tavi’s interactions with Varg and Nasaug are [...]

    16. Yep, this is IT for me. This is why I love Fantasy so much. I have nothing, not one single bad thing to say about this book. I LOVED IT. I can't stress that enough. THIS WAS AMAZING for me. I loved every single second of it. At some parts it was emotional and I got teary eyed and I loved it. The battle scenes were amazing and if they weren't in this book I wouldn't love it this very much. Every time someone said Hail Gaius Octavian, I loved it AND got the chills. The parts with Canim, loved it. [...]

    17. What a great read. The series started off as a pretty solid and entertaining read but each subsequent book is better than the last. Captain's Fury continues to show Tavi's growth and continued frustration at his lack of competency in fury-crafting. More interesting, to me, is that Isana and Fade are built into extremely interesting characters in their own right, as they have a solid plot line all there on. And yet more Bernard and Amara, who are my favorite couple in the series right now.The big [...]

    18. This series is such an amazing adventure. The fourth book in this series is not my favorite only for one reason, they took a huge plot development from the last book and I feel like they didn't totally capitalize on it, if you know what I mean. That aside, the character development is still the best thing about this series. I love seeing the growth and relationships between all the characters evolve. My favorite characters throughout this series are constantly Isana and Amara, I just love readin [...]

    19. Our hero continues to grow into his destiny and things are brought out into the light for all to see in this book.

    20. So I think I've figured Butcher's style :) And yeah, looks like we do jump two years for each consecutive books. Dunno if I like that in terms of story wise. So Octavian and Kitai sound like they've FINALLY done the deed. Kitai FINALLY has her horse. Tavi is still Captain. And the Cane are still roaming, now with ex-slave recruits! No doubt Tavi will win the Aleran folks back to his side. AANNDD sounds like Tavi may just be boinking his Cousin or Step Sister! *Shudders* Eww! (Butcher keeps bangi [...]

    21. I am not a Codex Alera fan. So far, the star spread is (links lead to the reviews):Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera #1) - 2 starsAcadem's Fury (Codex Alera #2) - 2 starsCursor's Fury (Codex Alera #3) - 1 starAnd this book, Captain's Fury (Codex Alera #4) - 2 starsThat's not a very good track record to continue on with. And yet, I'm still reading them. Some deep dark part of me obviously wants to know how the story is going to end, and whether any of these characters are ever going to bite it. So [...]

    22. "Most of my life," he said quietly, "I have been known as Tavi of Bernardholt,in the Calderon Valley of Riva. Then I became Tavi Patronus Gaius, and Tavi ex Cursori. In the time you have known me, Crassus, my name was Rufus Scipio, Third Subtribune and later Captain of the First Aleran.""But my name," he said, raising his voice so that itrang from the battlecrafted walls and fallen stones, "is Gaius Octavian, son of Gaius Septimus, son of Gaius Sextus, First Lord of Alera."And that,ladies and ge [...]

    23. 4+ starsExcellent. I love watching Tavi come into his own, and bringing everyone around him with him.Kate Reading's narration really is excellent in this series, too. Her characters are distinct and so alive they help the reader readily achieve immersion.

    24. This would've been a full five if it hadn't been for Amara's sections. But first, what I did like. I loved that we got a better look at the Canim, especially a better insight into their behavioral mannerisms as well as a look at Alerans from their point of view (on equality, slavery, etc). Varg has always been a favorite and I was happy to see his return. I think I like Isana more when her focus is Araris rather than her family--she gets a little too stereotypically I-am-the-mother-who-will-lift [...]

    25. Close 4,5 stars. Another highly enjoyable, engrossing book. I couldn't stop listening. The series has got stronger with each iteration. Certainly the standout part of the book is the further exploration of the magic system(fury crafting). Jim uses his strength in describing it perfectly. Easy to visualise and awe. When the book got little boring, Jim got one of my favourite characters into the story. From then the story picked up pace and the last 30% was again fantastic. Also I liked how Jim sw [...]

    26. *Spoilers if you have not read the previous booksThe short-Tavi's coming of age and power, the First Lord finally makes a move and love shines in Alera, War takes a huge toll.It's all that and a bucket of chicken !I feel like I have known Tavi all his life. Well, I have in a literary sense. He has gone from this little insecure child to an awkward teenager to this new confident capable man. He is in his early twenties now and faces some horrible circumstances, he must be the voice and mind of sa [...]

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