Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines Kelli McCabe is a no nonsense detective with a tough exterior Only a select few know her as a loyal loving friend To a fault she is committed to her family friends and her job As a surgeon Nora Wh

  • Title: Blurred Lines
  • Author: K.D. Williamson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kelli McCabe is a no nonsense detective with a tough exterior Only a select few know her as a loyal, loving friend To a fault, she is committed to her family, friends and her job.As a surgeon, Nora Whit is used to being in control The hospital is her life There is little else Respected by her colleagues but ridiculed by the residents, Nora takes what she needs andKelli McCabe is a no nonsense detective with a tough exterior Only a select few know her as a loyal, loving friend To a fault, she is committed to her family, friends and her job.As a surgeon, Nora Whit is used to being in control The hospital is her life There is little else Respected by her colleagues but ridiculed by the residents, Nora takes what she needs and keeps everyone else at arm s length, creating unexpected enemies.Tragedy brings them together in a clash of personalities As the chaos around them continues, they find the lines between them blurring A friendship forms, understanding grows, and attraction soon follows Together, they may conquer their own misgivings, but will the outside forces keep them apart Themes lesbian medical police

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      KD aka Minerva Rizzleslvr72 is a Southerner and a former nomad, taking up residence in the Mid West, east coast, and New Orleans over the years She is also a Hurricane Katrina survivor Displaced to the mountains of North Carolina, she found her way back to New Orleans, where she lives with her partner of ten years and the strangest dogs and cats in existence.KD enjoys all things geek, from video games to super heroes She is a veteran in the mental health field working with children and their families for over ten years She found that she had a talent for writing as a teenager, and through fits and starts, fostered it over the years.


    1. For all the high praise that this book got well i'm not fooled,hugely disappointed with all the on-call 'f-bombs' being used unnecessarily.d dialogues at timesfelt that both lead were force to interact and act on their feelings much too quicklyother thing wrong with story was both had a lot of major flaws and family issues in their life dealing with but the author chose to ignore this part of the storyi think she should have wrote about them(leads)attending some kind of therapy to help with thei [...]

    2. Blurred Lines started as a Rizzoli & Isles fanfic. Kudos to Ylva for recognizing another very good online author, so thanks to that, a very good fanfic was turned into a very good published novel. Jane Rizzoli became a redhead outgoing cop named Kelli McCabe, and Maura Isles became a brilliant but socially awkward surgeon named Nora Whitmore. Bass the African spurred tortoise became Phineas the kunekune pig -- funny and equally unusual. :DThe most important part of the story is the relations [...]

    3. Reading romance novels is one of my two hobbies. If and when I do have down time, I choose to do the two things that make me deliriously happy. I read or I run. Running tends to take precedence since I continuously talk myself into running marathons, some might say this is masochistic, but hey we all have our flaws. Why I am I telling you this? Let me ramble for a moment and I’ll get to my point. Yesterday, the weather was 65 degrees and sunny in FEBRUARY! This is the absolute perfect running [...]

    4. I was beginning to feel like I was the last one in the LesFic universe to read this. I found there to be so much hype surrounding these Cops and Docs books, I just had to know what everyone was talking about. I sometimes find myself not liking universally loved books, so I was worried that might happen again. Luckily I was not disappointed, this was worth the hype.There are plenty of other reviews, so I'll just keep this short. I really enjoyed this. Both characters are likeable, and as they gro [...]

    5. I loved this one. Quality snark leading to quality banter. Moving from sparring partners to friends to lovers in a way that's compelling and believable, and leaving things in a place that's entirely appropriate for the characters. I can't wait for the next one and luckily I won't have to wait long! 4.5 stars2017 reread: loved it even moreFull review here: thelesbianreview/blurrPodcast episode: thelesbiantalkshow.podbean

    6. There are slow burn romances and then there are two protagonists who spar and spar and slowly discover how much each enjoys their daily dance. In Blurred Lines we have two leading ladies with disparate personalities. Rough, tough, foul-mouthed Detective Kelli McCabe hides a heart of gold under her show of bravado and carries her family and squad mates on her shoulders. Dr. Nora Whitmore is cold, clinical and detached. She is all business and is disliked by her residents. She is the proverbial ic [...]

    7. I'm kinda scared to post my review, because everyone seems to love it, but not me.So I'll be very quick.For me this was very average. It felt like reading a fanfiction the whole time. I know this was a fanfic (and I don't even watch Rizzoli & Isles) and I'm all for fanfic authors becoming famous and writing books, because there are very good fanfics which definitely deserve to become a book. I am not saying this one didn't deserve it. The readers who love the book are the proof that it does. [...]

    8. I've read so many romance books about cops and docs (though not necessarily together) that I thought this would be like just another variation of the same theme. Add to that the book's fanfic roots and a rather nondescript cover that feels so 'vanilla romance lite' and I was ready to give it a pass. Fortunately, the cover of the second book managed to hook me in, or I would have missed one of the better (possibly best?) romances of the year. Which in itself is surprising because I was actually e [...]

    9. Excellent. Wonderfully written and paced, funny and touching all at the same time.Can't want for the next in the series.

    10. I'm a sucker for great dialogue and 'Blurred Lines' has it in spades. Give me interesting characters that can have revealing and entertaining conversations page after page and I will hang with them forever. This was a really well written slow burn romance with an excellent cast of characters, secondary and main. Really enjoyable. Recommend.

    11. Most of what could have been said about this book has already been said so I will add what I think it has not been mentioned yet. This pair had so much chemistry together, that I kind of missed more explicit sexual encounters. I know this is a slow burn, and it was a very good one, but the sexual tension was so high that I kind of found myself expecting some kind of sexual climax, at its very end. When I could not find one I found myself a bit defleated. Maybe I'll find it on the sequel In any c [...]

    12. Detailed score: 3.5Blurred Lines has all the right ingredients for a cracker lesrom - ice queen, uber competent doc and dedicated cop wounded and restless. Add in a couple of family and legal dramas to overcome and stir. But. (Sigh).I love me an ice queen, job-dedicated, looking for love all along but didn't realize it till the right woman came along character. Love. Them. But I really couldn't get a handle on Dr Nora Fuller. In one minute she's drawn to (cop) Kelli despite herself, feeling new [...]

    13. Apparently I added Blurred Lines to my 'want to read' list on June 24, 2015. Then, a few months ago I started reading my GR friends' ARC reviews. Whilst most were signing the book's praise, there were a number which commented on the crude and crass language used by one of the main characters. Don't get me wrong, I still wanted to read it, but Blurred Lines slipped down my reading list.Fast forward to a few days ago - a friend posted her review and didn't hesitate to recommend Blurred Lines with [...]

    14. I loved itI really enjoyed this book. I will read this author's future books. I'm glad I took a chance and ordered it. Most YLVA books turn out great.

    15. This book is not perfect, but it certainly made me feel 5 stars, so it's getting a full 5 stars from me.Let's start to say what the book could be, but it is not.It isn't a crime novel.Somehow I was expecting a crime novel; you know, Cops and Docs series sounds like police cases and legal medicine. Also, hints about Rizzoli & Isles fanfic made me think in that direction.So I read it with this kind of anticipation.At the beginning, when Kelli and her partner were shot by some criminals, I thou [...]

    16. I was hesitant to read this book for several reasons I saw all the great ratings and reviews and was immediately skeptical. I also read the author's first published book many years ago and didn't care for it much at all - again for several reasons. And lastly, I'm still not sure how I feel about published fan fic when it's so very obviously fan fic. I regularly debate this last one with myself and friends. It certainly makes me much more critical of the published version, at the very least.With [...]

    17. For NetgalleyI read the fanfiction long before I read this and I'm somewhat less critical of fanfiction, so my review of this might not be 100% fair. I don't think so though because while there aren't many changes from the fanfiction, this is still an interesting and entertaining read with perfectly acceptable grammar.The selling point of this novel is the relationship between the main characters Kelli and Nora. Kelli is a tough, uncouth cop that is loyal, gentle and compassionate under her pric [...]

    18. Didn't expect to love this as much as I did. My ReviewDetective Kelli MacCabe is tough and nothing penetrates her hardened exterior. Dr Nora Whitemore is a surgeon and a loner. She keeps life simple in her life by concentrating primarily on work. Kelli and Nora paths cross when Kelli and her partner are shot. Their relationship gets off to a Turbulent start but as in all good romances the things that drive each other crazy begin to make their attraction stronger. A scandal at Nora's work turns e [...]

    19. I didn't realize this was a fanfic turned into a book until later on, after I already read it, so thats a good thing. It means it was well written and well adapted, which seems easy but it is not. The book starts with Kelli McCabe, the cop, being rushed into a hospital with gunshot wounds. She is the typical tough cop, who keeps her conversations blunt and right to the point. Her stay at the hospital is only enlivened by her tormenting of the hospital staff, in particular of Dr. Whitmore. The mo [...]

    20. It was an interesting read due to a touch of pseudo-realistic storyline unlike same old routine girl-meets-girl romance. Interesting characters, slow developments of storyline and relationship development between main characters. On the other hand, the foul language gotten over the top that definitely distracts the reader from following the storyline (especially if are not accustomed to such language). Furthermore, it doesn't flow smoothly as other romantic novels of this category. With some con [...]

    21. I waffled between this book being just ok (2 stars) and I liked it (3 stars). So I give it 2 and a half stars. I am not a big fan of overly manly women and the over-the-top swearing was clearly an attempt to make the Kelli character a manly/tough cop. I had read in one of the reviews that this was Rizzoli and Isles fanfiction. I didn't see any resemblance to Rizzoli and Isles. I love those characters. I did not like Kelli or Nora. Kept hoping that would change but it never did. Not sure I even w [...]

    22. I received an ARC for an honest reviewI was pretty excited to hear this book was coming out and I wasn’t disappointed, in fact, it was a great read with complex yet delicate characters.Kelli’s crassness is confronting but it works really well with the character and is interlaced with charm and humour leaving you wishing she was your friend.Nora is unapologetic with her own quirks as both characters are drawn into each other’s worlds.Definitely a recommended read

    23. Not a big fan of this book. Whoever said that the act of swearing would result in you having a macho strong character was really wrong! There was also nothing interesting about this book! Anyway, I thought of giving it a second shot with the new sequel and to be honest I couldn't even go further than 10% of the book. Same old shit: characters are not likeable, connection is quite strange, no story line so yeah I'm not a fan sorry :)

    24. Not a bad book, but, in my opinion, the characters are not far enough removed from TV show that led to the fan fiction on which this book was based. See full review here: reviews.c-spot/archives/5619

    25. My rating is 4.5 who doesn't love a romance between two characters who are emotionally challenged. Not to mention I love reading about cops and doctors this hit all the marks for me!

    26. AbsorbingThis was a fantastic read that led to a nasty case of a reading hangover, that I'm pretty sure I'm also going to have tomorrow after reading the next in the series. Honestly I read until 3.30am, I just couldn't put it down. Well developed characters, a multi-facetted plot and a steady pace that showed a believable evolution of the main characters and their relationship had me hooked.

    27. Just could not get into this story and the lengths & petty revenge a jealous colleague went to. Did not connect to the romance of 2 leads. Just down to personal taste, which from other reviews I'm in the minority.If you love romances you will likely enjoy.

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