Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious

Life s Too Short to Pretend You re Not Religious For many of us the word religious immediately evokes thoughts of brainwashing violence and eye rubbingly tiresome conversations Why not be done with it David Dark argues that it s not that simple Th

  • Title: Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious
  • Author: David Dark
  • ISBN: 9780830844463
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For many of us, the word religious immediately evokes thoughts of brainwashing, violence and eye rubbingly tiresome conversations Why not be done with it David Dark argues that it s not that simple The ease with which we put the label on others without applying it to ourselves is an evasion, a way of avoiding awareness of our own messy allegiances Dark writes If whFor many of us, the word religious immediately evokes thoughts of brainwashing, violence and eye rubbingly tiresome conversations Why not be done with it David Dark argues that it s not that simple The ease with which we put the label on others without applying it to ourselves is an evasion, a way of avoiding awareness of our own messy allegiances Dark writes If what we believe is what we see is what we do is who we are, there s no getting away from religion Both incisive and entertaining, Life s Too Short to Pretend You re Not Religious combines Dark s keen powers of cultural observation with candor and wit Equal parts memoir and analysis, Dark persuasively argues that the fact of religion is the fact of relationship It s the shape our love takes, the lived witness of everything we re up to for better or worse, because witness knows no division Looking hard at our weird religious background Dark maintains we all have one can bring the actual content of our everyday existence the good, the bad and the glaringly inconsistent to fuller consciousness By doing so, we can practically envision an undivided life and reclaim the idea of being religious.

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    1. David Dark

      David Dark is the critically acclaimed author of The Sacredness of Questioning Everything, Everyday Apocalypse The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons and The Gospel According To America A Meditation on a God blessed, Christ haunted Idea An educator, Dark is currently pursuing his PhD in Religious Studies at Vanderbilt University He has had articles published in Paste, Oxford American, Books and Culture, Christian Century, among others A frequent speaker, Dark has also appeared on C SPAN s Book TV and in an award winning documentary, Marketing the Message He lives with his singer songwriter wife, Sarah Masen, and their three children in Nashville.


    1. What a fantastic title. Etymologically, the word “religion” means to bind together again. Simply put, Dark’s thesis is that we’re all connected: we are in relationship with the people around us and can’t pretend otherwise. What we need is a shared vision for our shared life, and that involves engaging with other people. No pie-in-the-sky theology here; Dark affirms Daniel Berrigan’s assertion that “the actual world is our only world,” so things like climate change, gun control, i [...]

    2. Dark's book is an insightful, meandering redefinition of "religion" with the goal of bringing everyone under its scope, whether they belong to a faith tradition (or perhaps whether they even believe in a traditional "God") or not.Dark argues that religion is constituted by our relationships—with family and friends, with strangers, with humanity, with traditional religion, with pop culture, with music and poetry, art and literature. Religion is the manifestation of the deep human need to belong [...]

    3. This is an absorbing, entertaining, challenging book. It's a poetic conversation, rather than an argument about or defense of belief. It's a call for thinking critically, seeing more clearly, and acting kindly (not the expected sort of altar call). I came away thinking it could have just as aptly been titled "Life's too Short to Pretend You're Religious."

    4. Took advantage of the snow day to finish reading the galleys of David Dark's new book, Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious. This is David's follow up to The Sacredness of Questioning Everything (2009), a book I loved so much I bought copies in bulk from him to give away. In 2010, after cheering him on as he defended his PhD thesis at Vanderbilt University, Insert Soul Here: The Witness of Sacramental Poetics as Apocalyptic for the People, I got to read it, and it held me over until [...]

    5. Paints one of the best pictures I've seen of how to live honestly, intentionally, and relationally. The book is not so much about religion as it is about a way of living life, but Dark would argue that what you value determines how you live life, which is your religion.

    6. I Think It Was GoodI think this was a good book but I can't be sure. There were so many references to popular culture in this book that one of the main things I learned is how disconnected from popular culture I am. There were important thoughts. But, those important thoughts were often lost on me as I was just wishing the author would get on with telling me what he wanted to tell me instead of talking about some television show or movie or book he had read at some point in his life. So I think [...]

    7. I just finished reading this book. David Dark is my favorite theologian. He's a vividly awake Christian. Each one of his books an alarm clock, this one the loudest. "We're never not worshipping." That's this book unfairly summarized in 4 words. 5 big stars.

    8. This book is fantastic, and poignant. Hard to believe it was written before Public Servant 45, but there you go.It’s a challenging read, both in its style and in its substance. In terms of substance, there were many times when I put the book down to chew on what I’d just read, or sent a quote to a friend and we mulled over it together.When I say it’s a challenging read in terms of style, I don’t mean that as a detractor. You just really have to focus, because Dark doesn’t write like He [...]

    9. Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious was a wonderful read. There aren’t many books with the word “religious” in the title that I would recommend to everyone no matter their religious affiliation, but this one I certainly do. Dark implores us to embrace religion as relationship. He states the seemingly obvious, that we all come from somewhere and we devote ourselves to something. His call to admit our own religiosity is not a call to show up for a sermon every Sunday, but to [...]

    10. I know Dark through some online discussion, where he's always been gracious and thoughtful. I've helped spread the word about his work because it's challenged me in ways I appreciate, even if I'm not convinced that I need to always share his emphases (nor his politics). I simply didn't track the argument here. The premise is right there in the title, yet the fleshing out of the thesis is random and unfocused, making for an ultimately frustrating read.

    11. The book is as wordy as the title indicates, but I rate it four stars because it's a conceptual win for the post-Christian-culture believer. Dark broadens the definition of religion to include relatedness and introduces ideas like choosing your ancestors and embodying liturgy that allow you to look at your world and daily rituals in a new way. A very good read for the "spiritual, but not religious"!

    12. I really wanted to like this book more. I understood and agreed with the premise, but in some parts of the book I struggled to understand how those sections related to the premise. The author's sentences seem unnecessarily complex at times. I'm sure part of the problem is me; on the other hand, I have read other reviews that reflect my views.

    13. This is probably going to be my favorite book I read this year. Incredibly convincing argument for attention, religion, worship (which we're all already doing), at multiple points moved me to tears, intelligent, thoughtful ruminations on faith, mentions & names a chapter after David Bazan (who led me to this book in the first place), incredibly helpful anecdotes, I could go on and on.The only thing that was a drawback for me was the prose style. It was surprising to me since I'm pretty sure [...]

    14. Highly recommended interrogation of how using the term religious in an overly narrow way diminishes our ability to truly see ourselves and intimately relate to others. This one really deserves a second read.

    15. My first reading of David Dark, who, in my opinion, uses so many examples it makes your head spin and it began to feel like name-dropping. Slow your roll, man. I did appreciate the premise, for the most part, that we're all essentially religious about something, and that we are inseparable from our values and priorities.

    16. This was a tough read for me. Often I would read a paragraph or page and have no idea what I just read and would have to go over it again. On a positive note, the author quotes or references many people and it made me want to go and search out who they were and what there works were. It was also a good stepping off point for discussions with my reading partner.

    17. Why I like David Dark’s books:1. His big ideas. Dark typically uses the opening section of each book to define and explain his concept, and these are consistently good overviews of his main point and purpose. In Life’s Too Short To Pretend You’re Not Religious, his main idea is that whatever label we might apply to ourselves--Christian, atheist, agnostic, spiritual, capitalist, socialist, L, G, B, T, or Q, democrat, republican, etc.--we are all religious. To defend this claim, of course, h [...]

    18. I liked the parts of this book where the author talked about concrete experiences, but much of the writing was too abstract or tied up in cultural references that are foreign to my experience. I read to the end, though I often found myself rereading paragraphs, even whole pages, and still not grasping what was being said enough to restate it in my own words. Often I literally fell asleep. With so many 4- and 5-star ratings, it's obviously just me and not any shortcoming of the book. But I'll hav [...]

    19. I simply can't recommend this book highly enough. I experience the world differently after reading it. It seems we have all been taught to hurriedly claim the moral high ground and then defend it at all costs. We traditionally religious people often do this with claims of God being on our side thinking that to be the trump card ending all debate. Others quickly quickly reject those claims as so much superstition and claim their enlightened status as their own coup de gras. This plays out in disc [...]

    20. I was introduced to the work of David Dark in college. He gave a series of lectures, offering significant insights from his personal attention collection: The Simpsons, Radiohead, South Park and others. These gifts were received gladly by eager college students like myself, and this particular student was beyond excited to be afforded the opportunity to sing Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" in chapel on the occasion of Mr. Dark's presence. And so I've been a devout fan of Dark's work for nearly [...]

    21. Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious by David Dark isn’t about religion. It is about a different perspective on religion, being open-minded, and living in community with others. So, as a generalization the book is primarily about open-mindedness. Dark uses a heavy sentence structure and plenty of vivid metaphors throughout.Life’s too Short is no doubt an enlightening read, discussing why people don’t talk about religion and determined that they should even though their beliefs [...]

    22. Anyone who seeks to follow Christ but doesn't get those "other" Christians who seem to have such certainty about everythingyone who seeks to be a decent person but has some idea that there are some folks who are religious but you are notyou should read this. Dark writes with candor, thoughtfulness, and civility (remember that?) about our cultural delusion that somehow we can be human without worshiping something. His goal is simply to establish as a common ground that everything human is religio [...]

    23. excellent, super well written and very quick and readable . . convincingly makes the case that everything and everyone is "religious," when understood correctly . . the basic gist: being religious is being relational and having commitments, which we all do . . dark's writing is very dense with aphorisms, quotes, nuggets of insight . . every half page begs to be reflected on . . by the end though, this became the one reason why i couldn't give this a 5: there's so much being said, deeply, in theo [...]

    24. This is, in my opinion, the best of Dark's work yet. If you know how style - poetic, thoughtful, meditative, referential, deeply humorous, deeply challenging - then know that you'll get more of that here. What stood out to me about "Life's Too Short" is the added autobiographical material, which was a welcome change, and helped me grasp some of his points even more.The question of "religion," and the term "religious" get thrown around so frequently, and I've always felt a distaste for the ways t [...]

    25. I'm not even sure of what I've just finished. I think I used to be smarter. 8 months to read and yet each time I picked it up I found another thought-provoking question that I didn't know I was asking. "We let ourselves off the hook when we imagine we can keep our behavior outside of the sphere of our alleged religious commitments, the stories to which we pledge our allegiance whether consciously or unconsciously with everything we do and don't do. All religionl the time" p. 157"Your religion is [...]

    26. David Dark eloquently makes the case for how we're never not religious. Some favorite excerpts from the book:"As I see the bad religion situation, the answer isn't a matter of stepping out and starting new traditions so much a it's a matter of approaching the currents we're already in from a different angle, one person, one relationship at a time."Question of our lives: "What are the movements, the ancestral lines, within and along which we'd like, or hope, to find our own lives in deep continui [...]

    27. I underlined so much of this book, and I intend to go back through the book and save my favorite quotes in my journal. 5 stars because, while the point may not be the newest, the lyric writing style made it profoundly moving. I know it will have a great impact on my thinking going into the future. Further review to come.

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