Byculla to Bangkok

Byculla to Bangkok After the huge success of Dongri to Dubai here comes its much awaited sequel Byculla to Bangkok Chota Rajan Arun Gawli and Ashwin Naik are among those whose lives Hussain Zaidi recounts with his ch

  • Title: Byculla to Bangkok
  • Author: S. Hussain Zaidi
  • ISBN: 9789351362258
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the huge success of Dongri to Dubai, here comes its much awaited sequel, Byculla to Bangkok Chota Rajan, Arun Gawli and Ashwin Naik are among those whose lives Hussain Zaidi recounts with his characteristic flair for narrativizing the Mumbai underworld Violence and deceit one expects to read of, but the strength of this book is also its ability to capture the mundaAfter the huge success of Dongri to Dubai, here comes its much awaited sequel, Byculla to Bangkok Chota Rajan, Arun Gawli and Ashwin Naik are among those whose lives Hussain Zaidi recounts with his characteristic flair for narrativizing the Mumbai underworld Violence and deceit one expects to read of, but the strength of this book is also its ability to capture the mundane and almost naive beginnings of what later became organized crime and brutal vendettas which held Mumbai to ransom through the last decades of the twentieth century, Unputdownable.

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    1. S. Hussain Zaidi

      Hussain Zaidi is an Indian author and former investigative journalist His works include Dongri to Dubai Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Black Friday, and My Name is Abu Salem.


    1. This is the so called sequel to the book "Dongri to Dubai" by the author Zaidi. The book starts of with a racy encounter ending in the death of a dreaded mafia guy. This book talks about the home grown Maharashtrian gangs. The main characters are Arun Gawli, Chotta Rajan & Naik, including others of some importance. It also talks about various police & political characters who have played a key role in the decimation or growth of the mafia.I had earlier reviewed "Dongri to Dubai" & wo [...]

    2. Thank god, Hussain Zaidi has improved leaps and bounds in his writing skills, unlike the prequel to this book Dongri to Dubai, which felt like it was recycling of newspaper articles. The Book traces the evolution of Maharashtarians into underworld, and how so of them have started their own political parties now. This brief,racy and concise book is must, if you have no idea about Mumbai mobsters. The recurring theme in the book is how crony capitalism and inability of police to provide justice le [...]

    3. Amazing book!! It describes the Mumbai mafia in the most spectacular way. There are very stupefying incidences which depicts the ferocity of the crimes that were carried out decades ago. The book describes the long lasting war between goons and drug lords with Mumbai police. A must read for those who are willing to know more about the crime developments in Mumbai.

    4. I read this book because I had to. I am too much into crime reading and when it is Mumbai mafia, I had to pick this book (I am too much into fact finding of mumbai mafia). But I was really disappointed from the very first chapter. The first book in this series (Dongri to Dubai) released few years back. So what does the author expect us to do, read that book again before picking this one?Goods about this book: No doubt well researched, have all the juices to keep the reader glued.Bads about this [...]

    5. Extremely fun, captivating and nearly-impossible-to-put-down. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.Make no mistake about it; although it has been researched in depth, it is not an academic work. But despite being a quentessential "masala" book, it also takes us back to the many security issues India faces.

    6. sequel to the other mafia book, equally blood chilling. how does economics and money flow affect lives of normal folks turning them into the monsters who roam the world. good read!

    7. True Wonderer“Ganda hai par Dhanda hai yeh !” (“Its Bad(hy) but it’s Business!”), this song from the movie Company, seemed to be playing all the while in the background while I was reading this book.The Mumbai Underworld, Mumbai Mafia… Organized crime in any part of the world, makes up for a fascinating study, (insensitive, is it? well, its true anyhow) be it the glorified Mob in America, The Cosa Nostra in Sicily, Italy ,The Yakuza in Japan, Bratva in Russia or our very own ‘aamch [...]

    8. Hussain Zaidi’s ‘Byculla to Bangkok — Mumbai’s Maharashtrian Mobsters’ is the much anticipated sequel to his successful book Dongri to Dubai.Justifying the book’s tagline “Mumbai’s Maharashtrian Mobsters”, it recalls the stories of Chota Rajan, Arun Gawli, Ashwin Naik and some other mobsters.Zaidi, with his skill of telling tales of Mumbai’s underworld captures the ordinary beginning of what later became the most organised crime syndicate and dreadful series of revenge that u [...]

    9. I am giving it four stars because this can stand on its own footing as a great book to read. However it is also true that this pales and dilutes if compared to Dongri to Dubai. I understand that comparisons are harsh but they are imminent nonetheless. The writing is pacy and there are numerous instances where you can't leave the book. The book focuses on how lives of gangsters other than Dawood Ibrahim panned out and it is riveting. At places it starts and ends abruptly and sometimes it becomes [...]

    10. Stories are mostly focussed on the nineties and the beginning of the 21st century. It mostly revolves around three characters, i.e. Arun Gawli, Arun Naik and Ashwin Naik.Gives us a clear idea about the state authorities, Politicians and police and their involvements with the underworld.

    11. Very interesting for someone who is keen to know about Mumbai Mafia. It does, However get boring at some places but grips you at more.

    12. good read about Mumbai underworld from 70s till now, only there were so many gangsters highlighted that it was hard to keep up at times.

    13. Bykulla to BangkokAfter the stunning success of Dongari To Dubai this is sequel of Mumbai Underworld 'Saga'(?) i.e. Bykulla to Bankok.As mentioned earlier in the book, dongari (Musafirkhana,Pakmodia Street) was the den of Dawood Inbrahim Kaskar started his journey from Bykulla and finally settled in Dubai (now he is in karachi).Similarly bykulla was thr den for Arun Gawali (daddy), Anil Parab,Amar Naik,Sunil Sawant ( sautya) chota rajan was exception because he hails from Chembur area which is a [...]

    14. A Worthy Sequel to the Dongri to Dubai, this work of S Hussain Zaidi, chronicles the rise of other mobsters of Mumbai underworld. While dongri to dubi dealt with the rise and rise of Dawood Ibrahim, this book narrates the stories of other mobsters such as Amar Naik, Arun Gawli, Ashwin Naik, Suresh Manchekar, Chota Rajan among others. It chronicles the events under which the mumbai mafia rose, especially due to poor police attitude and the desparation and economic hardships faced by the mill work [...]

    15. Hussain Zaidi for me is as talented a writer as a Chetan Bhagat, Amish. Tripathi or an Ashwin SanghiSo while reading Byculla to BangkokI had to constantly question myself on whether this really is a H Zaidi book ? Comparing Dongri to Dubai with Byculla to Bangkok would be like comparing Chicken TAndoori to Bland boiled chicken.Here are some of the reasons why according to me this book sinks like Titanic in to depths of disappointments:1) H.Zaidi introduces around a million characters which are c [...]

    16. S. Husain Zaidi's Byculla to Bangkok is a sequel to Dongri to Dubai. D to D revolves around early years of Mumabi underworld. While B to B is story of marathi mafia in the city. This book tells us stories of 3 major dons. Arun Gavli, Naik brothers and Chhota Rajan. It is quite interesting to know how all three dons started their career and become dons. Arun Gavli was a mill worker, Arun Naik was a vegetable vendor and Chota Rajan used to sell black tickets outside Sahakar cinema. This book catch [...]

    17. From the dingy and dark lanes of Byculla to the upmarket streets of Bangkok and Dubai it's about gangsters and mafia raj which ruled Mumbai and it's roads in 80's and 90's. It's about the emergence and fall of Naik's, the Gawli's, emergence of D- company, the rift between Chota Rajan and Dawood and Chota Shakeel and the other gangs which ran Mumbai at helm.The story is spine chilling and an accurate description of what many went through in those times. The books covers every detail in a meticulo [...]

    18. This book is part fictitious & part non-fictitious. The quoting from newspaper & other sources is perfect but some lines you'll read as like you are watching bollywood movies. This sequel to Dongri to Dubai from Hussan Zaidi is okay but not good enough. In comparision to his first book where he described in details about Dawood Ibrahim & his rise in Mumbai is nothing. Here you'll read mostly about Arun Gawli (goon turned politician), Ashwin Naik & his brothers & lastly about [...]

    19. If the author's earlier book focused on Dawood, this book talks about the home grown Maharashtrian gangsOr as a politician eloquently is quoted, 'Son's of the soil' The writing clearly shows the author's immense knowledge & research on the underworld. The detailed & nicely written chapters are delight to read but the smooth linking between the chapters is clearly missing My only issue, writer very astutely & probably purposely misses out the major role of Dawood. He also shrewdly mis [...]

    20. Another good book by Hussain Zaidi.This book covers three main gangs and one gang partially. It covers the D company partially since many of the other gangs overlap with this one. The first one is the BRA gang of Arun Gawli, Rama Naik from the Dagdi Chawl, and Babu Reshim. The second is the gang of brothers involving Amar Naik and Ashwin Naik from Byculla. The third is the Chotta Rajan Gang from Tilak Nagar area.There are mention of other gangs, but they are not as elaborate as these three or ev [...]

    21. This novel mainly focuses on the Maharastrian Dons. It deals with the formation of various gangs, their fights to reign supreme, the political scenario, the strategy of the law and above all the decline of the gangs. The prequel, Dongri to Dubai, dealt particularly with Dawood, while this novel covers most of the gangsters who were the 'the sons of the soil'. Reading the prequel somehow numbs you to the violence and gore described in this novel, as you expect betrayal and cruel violence on every [...]

    22. Organised crime has never had a greater grip anywhere else than in Mumbai especially in the last two decades of the twentieth century. This book is a stunning sequel to "Dongri to Dubai" by the same author. The book explores the unassuming and modest beginnings of what became the best known crime syndicates in the city. Equally fascinating are the stories of the famous and infamous policemen and "encounter specialists" who took gangs head on and met with great success and too many scruples. Thus [...]

    23. The book is not for the the readers who like to go deep into the ricedural aspects of thingsI would say it is more suited to those eager to look at the larger picture. The landscape Zaidi draws would be really special for the boys who grew up in Mumbai in the 90s with the newspaper flashes of each mentioned event flashing in their head or with each location explained forming a sepia image in the back of their minds.The book leaves you in jitters when you read the last chapter and makes you wonde [...]

    24. S. Hussain Zaidi’s “Byculla to Bangkok” is touted as the sequel to “Dongri to Dubai” but it fails miserably, leaving very few traces of coherence in chronology. It is the first time in my life that I have been disappointed by a Hussain Zaidi book; even Rahul Bhatt’s sob story, Headley & I (co-authored with Zaidi), was far more tolerable. The book is still an interesting read in the sense that Zaidi helps bring iconic characters to life – a few of which he hasn’t covered too e [...]

    25. If you are a newbie to the mafia then its a bit confusing at the start but gets quite handy and interesting after some reading.Lots of detailed killings and the way of the retelling is good but disappointed the way every story is arranged.The previous book started with stories from here and there and ended at some point but in this case most of the times you forget the characters and stories get stopped very abruptly.That is the reason 1st reason why i giving it only 3 stars and latter is the pi [...]

    26. I became a fan of Hussain Zaidi's book Dongri to Dubai which was gripping from page 1. However, Mr. Zaidi has bungled up Byculla to Bangkok. In an attempt to cover every single person involved in the mafia, he has introduced a thousand characters which keep coming in and going out of the pages with time periods also swinging back and forth. The book is so unstructured that in some places entire chapters are dedicated to one person and then later, the said person is given an introduction. Though [...]

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