Lord Atwood's Lovers

Lord Atwood s Lovers To the rest of the ton Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn t lack for passion but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marria

  • Title: Lord Atwood's Lovers
  • Author: Eva Clancy
  • ISBN: 9781459231139
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn t lack for passion but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriagewhile Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he s been unable to confess to his wife.Then Charles s ex lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing CharlesTo the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn t lack for passion but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriagewhile Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he s been unable to confess to his wife.Then Charles s ex lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need than just each other to be truly complete.

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    1. Unfortunately, for me, Lord Atwood's lovers, though not bad, was way too short to be interesting. In just about 40 pages, we are to meet a happily married couple, come to like them and understand why they decided to include another man, the hero's ex-lover who the heroine didn't even know that existed, in their relationship, and see the three of them as a kind of family. Though I had no problems with the heroes, they were pretty nice, it's impossible to come and care at all about them in such sh [...]

    2. This steamy little tale, from netgalley, was a pleasant read between books, but felt like it missed something for me. I don't normally read ménage romances, but generally think that if something is well-written, it's usually worth reading, and I'm fairly open-minded, so the subject matter doesn't bother me.This was an interesting set-up, a recently and happily married marquess can't get his former lover out of his mind etc. The story itself flowed really smoothly, and didn't waste word count on [...]

    3. I liked the premise of this novella. People thought Lord Atwood would never marry, until he meets the young and vivacious Imogen. They marry and it is apparent to Imogen and the ton that Lord Atwood is totally and completely in love with his new wife. Their connection is definitely demonstrated during their private time away from others and in the bedroom. A wrench is thrown in this perfect marriage when Lord Atwood's friend and former lover comes back to town. Imogen meets Alexander innocently [...]

    4. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI read this novella on a whim, since the author was a new-to-me one and I don’t usually read ménages (if any, those are very few). But honestly, I’m really glad that I read Lord Atwood's Lovers. I absolutely loved EC’s writing style, along with the central characters. I loved Charles’s quiet intensity, Alex’s sensitivity and Imogen’s smartness.Imogen and Charles have been married for a few months but t [...]

    5. Lord Atwood's Lovers ________________________________________Author: Eva Clancy Date: 01-JUN-2012 Narrator: Helen Stern Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. (Harlequin Spice) Length: 1 h 20 min File size: 121 KBTo the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn't lack for passion - but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage, while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he's been unable to confess to [...]

    6. I'll admit, sometimes I get a little skeptical about the HEA factor in a menage. What it needs, in order to be believable for me, is a real thread to connect each member of the trio together in a meaningful way. This story manages to acheive that in my opinion and left me wanting more.Imogen and Charles Atwood are newlyweds and they are head over heels in love with each other. Charles was always considered serious and removed by members of the ton but he was so enamored of Imogen, he threw all t [...]

    7. Looking for a hot novella about threesome sexy times? Then look no further, my friends. Eva Clancy serves up total hotness with a m/f/m ménage.This tasty morsel is a historical romance, of sorts, focused on the eponymous Lord Atwood, who recently married Imogen, a comely - and rambunctious - widow. They have this thing where they go to balls, she flirts with other men, he gets aroused, and they come home for some raucous headboard rocking."You knew you were making me hard tonight. You were bein [...]

    8. Lord Atwood's Lovers was a pretty good Menage tale. I kept getting the sense that I had read about these characters in another book and this was the continuation of their story. After some research, I realized the author just did a great job of making the characters seem familiar to me in such a short story. For many novellas, this never happens as there isn't often enough time to develop the characters well. I ended up enjoying this one a lot. It was well written and I loved the characters. The [...]

    9. This is a super short read, but pretty h.o.t! Lord Atwood, Charles, is married and very much in love with his wife. The guy LOVES her, but he has a dark little secret he guards. Lady Atwood, Imogen, loves her husband dearly, but when she meets Alex, her husband's former best friend, and invites him over for dinner, she immediately knows there is more to their "quarrel" than meets the eye. The thought of Imogen finding out Charles' secret, scares him to no end. And Alex wants to turn the opposite [...]

    10. It has been years since I read anything historical. Since discovering paranormal romance, and then BDSM erotic romance, I have sinceleft my beginning romance roots behind. I saw this come up on netgalley, decided that it was worth a shot. I’m hot for ménage books of any kind. Lord Atwood’s Lover did not disappoint. It was a hot, quick read that left me panting, and wanting more with each turn of the page. The characters were fully dimensional and I related to them. Lord Atwood was a bit kin [...]

    11. I think that this could have been a 4 or 5 star book if it had been longer. I really began to like the characters, but felt that I was only at the tip of them discovering themselves and each other. This says much about the author’s writing, really. I regularly read ménage stories, so I was able to move quickly past any issues with threesomes. I liked that their relationship was honest enough that she was able to admit her attraction to Alex, and that Charles was able to indulge his appetites [...]

    12. Review written for books-n-kissesI think this was trying to be a story of erotica but it just didn’t work. While the background story was interesting there was not enough of it. And there was not enough of the sex scenes to have it fall under the erotica heading. Surprisingly though the story might have made a really good novella since there could have been more put into the characters story but it felt like the story was being rushed to get to where Alex is brought into the story but yet when [...]

    13. It's a novella--short, spicey, and oh, so readable as a historical romance! It embraces a couple who are indeed in love with one another surprisingly, whose marriage is really a love affair in disguise, and who are shocking the ton with their open admiration for one another. Yet Imogen, as much as she loves her husband, becomes aware that there is a past love that shocks her and actually scares her, only because she truly doesn't ever want to give up her husband and lover. Yet she is smart enoug [...]

    14. Wowzer!!!! This is a short and HOT and I do mean HOT read. The story starts with the lovers Mr & Mrs Atwood and their clear love for each other, there is a sensual and smokey sex scene between them, including Lord Atwood's fantasy on-top of it and wooo!!Then of course we get to the real good stuff with the couple and Alex *fans self*. In less than fifty pages you get an amazingly sensual and fun read. The author doesn't try to make it about more than what it is, a love triangle that goes ohh [...]

    15. 4 Stars! A lovely (well, maybe lovely is not the best word, just the first that came to my mind, lol!) menage a trois. Even though it was erotica, Lord Atwood’s Lovers was actually quite sweet in its execution in regards to the main couples relationship. I enjoyed the brief glimpse into their life as husband and wife, as well as seeing Imogen's emotional growth. Alexander was a fun and perhaps quirky addition! I probably would have enjoyed it more if the scenes were more detailed (Did I just s [...]

    16. I have very little interest in Regency England and actively dislike aristocratic characters, but I love MMF and was intrigued enough by reviews to give this a chance. I'm glad I did! It delivered everything I was hoping for: - a rich style with sinuous sentences (I get rather tired of the lean contemporary style in erotica as a steady diet, it's like nonstop mashed potatoes) and fun usage of outdated filthy language combined with enough modern language so I know what the hell is going on- enough [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the story Lord Atwood’s Lovers. Eva Clancy did a fantastic job creating characters you care about in such a short time. The character development is done more through story telling than dialogue. This can be difficult for readers to shift in their minds as most are used to development through dialogue than story telling.Lord and Lady Atwood definitely understand each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the other happy. The love they feel for each other shines [...]

    18. I usually love historical menage stories, but this one just didn't do it for me. I may have worked out better if it had been a full novel with more back story or more time for Imogen to realistically be okay with bringing another lover into her marriage. Especially since she had no previous experience with this type of relationship. At the very least I would have been satisfied to see a little outrage on her behalf when he said he left Alex to get married because he needed an heir. I know he exp [...]

    19. NetGalley ARC/Review Copy.A saucy, historically-set ménage à trois. When Lady Atwood finds out about the "forbidden" relationship between her husband and his best friend/lover she invites them both to share her in the bedroom. A taboo and sexy short story that was well imagined and written.The only thing that would have made this better if it had been a full-length novel with more build-up and backstory. Ms. Clancy is very well on her way to becoming the next rising-star historical romance aut [...]

    20. This one is super short - only 43 pages. But Clancy does a very good job giving us a sense of who the characters are and a nice little story between the sex scenes. I did find Imogen a little too perfect, and therefore a little unbelievable. She takes the news that her husband had a male lover before they met a little too easily. But I think the author wanted to highlight more the conflict between the two male characters.Otherwise, a very well done, short sexy readC provided through NetGalley.

    21. This story was ok. I think that I enjoyed the openness of the married couple. I think that being honest with yourself and your mate allows for a wonderful partnership. The couple in this story had that. I loved their sexual prowess how they played games with one another to keep that 'excitement' there. Personally, what's hotter than 2 guys and a girl? So, kudos for making a story about that. I always feel like you can't help who you love, nor should you help it, but just accept it. Its a good re [...]

    22. Short and steamy historical erotica. I do enjoy having a little spice in historical romance. Lord Atwood has married Imogen but he still desires his old friend and lover Alexander. When Alexander comes back to town, lady Imogen has a vary indecent proposal for him and her husband. I did enjoy the lovemaking between Lord Atwood and Imogen but was a little disconnected at the scene between him and Alex in front of her. Something in that scene was off, but overall good short story.

    23. Lord Atwood surprised most of the ton when he decided to get married to the widow Imogen. While they have a satisfying love life there is something missing. Once upon a time Lord Atwood fell in love with Alex, but decided he wanted a wife and family. At Lady Imogen’s urging Alex comes over for dinner and tells the two men, that they can be together as long as she can watch and participate. Not a bad short story but a little stale. Been there, read that.

    24. I really enjoyed this short novella. The characters (Lord and Lady Atwood - Charles & Imogen - and Charles' ex-lover Alexander Lambert) and were quite well developed for a 40 page novella. The sexual tension was well built-up among the three characters and the sex was very steamy.

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